Posted by: Helen 1

Love’s Meaning & Dangers

Love is a principle along with convictions and feelings towards another person. Love is surrender and being vulnerable. It is a risk with confidence to win love. The deepest desire of the human heart is to be loved. It is a craving of a tender-hearted person.

Warning, Love relationships can be dangerous to your mental and physical health. Romance fraud is heart breaking. Stealing the affections of a male or female is a crime seldom prosecuted. Few receive the consequence of such a heinous sin against a person’s emotions.

Making oneself vulnerable to another’s emotions and convincing words can be dangerous. Naive youth, and those unexperienced with lying and manipulating individuals, taking advantage of individuals for their own selfish purposes, are caught unaware of its painfulness.

Yet many take the risk to trust one’s interest in them. Genuine affection is a challenge to accept with inward confidence. However, love relationships are needed for one’s mental and physical health.

All love relationships are not a bed of roses, pricks can occur. Some have even died of a broken heart. I dare you to find and discover true love. There is a price to pay for love so search your heart for what it will cost you.

Being positive and being able to turn negatives into a positive is a skill to maintain good mental health. Registered Psychotherapists can help you take care of your emotional health and prepare you for a successful love relationship.